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Our favourite activities!

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La Roche fireworks

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Every year on 20th July, once the sun sets, the story of the ghost of La Roche is told with music and fireworks. From the banks of the Ourthe river, enjoy this magnificent spectacle which is held in La Roche Castle. It’s a great experience with beautiful music and the story is told in three languages: there’s something for everyone.

Parc Chlorophylle


Parc Chlorophylle in Manhay (Dochamps) is a fun setting in which to explore the forest.

In addition to a 200-metre tree-top trail (suspension bridges, cabins, etc.), there is also a 2-kilometre educational trail, a playground with wooden structures, a rope pyramid and much more.

The Caves of Hotton

Grottenhotton1 Grottenhotton2 Grottenhotton3 Grottenhotton4

Explore the caves on a 6-kilometer trail which extends some 70 metres underground. A 70-minute guided tour in French, English or Dutch reveals how the caves and their precious resources were formed.

La Roche Castle

La Roche Castle will transport you back to medieval times with its towers and dungeons. It lies in the middle of a lush valley, nestled between the Ourthe river and the steep slopes of Deisterberg. Dating back to the 9th century, this castle boasts magnificent views over the town and the Ourthe Valley. It’s said that Countess Berthe de La Roche can be seen wandering the castle.

In the summer, there are often handicraft displays, there’s a cosy bar and an incredible falconry show.


Kayak1 Kayak3

Guaranteed fun for the whole family! If you’re not afraid of being splashed and you’re keen to enjoy views of the countryside, why not kayak down the Ourthe river? Visit the Nisramont reservoir where kayaking is possible all summer long: highly recommended.

La Domaine de Chevetogne

A lush, tree-filled park with a lake, wildlife, playgrounds, miniature golf and sports fields.

This 600-hectare park has plenty of surprises and is a great place for adventures for young and old alike.

Diekirch War Museum

Oorlogsmuseum6 Oorlogsmuseum1 Oorlogsmuseum5 Oorlogsmuseum2 Oorlogsmuseum3 Oorlogsmuseum4

This museum in Diekirch explains the Battle of the Bulge (or the Ardennes Counteroffensive) of World War 2. Exhibits include a number of dioramas which show the military operations in the Ardennes from American and German points of view. Weapons, uniforms, photographs, documents, maps and equipment are also displayed.

La Roche War Museum

La Roche-en-Ardenne paid a high price during the Battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944 - 45. This museum pays tribute to the men who fought for the liberation of the town.

Plopsa Coo

Plopsacoo2 Plopsacoo1 Plopsacoo3 Plopsacoo4

Plopsa Coo is an amusement park near the Coo waterfalls. It’s home to more than 20 attractions which are built into the Ardennes landscape, overlooking the Amel Valley.

Bouillon Wildlife Park


Bouillon Wildlife Park was originally home to local wildlife including deer, wild boar and foxes; today, visitors can see imported species too, including kangaroos, wolves, lynxes, camels and bison.

Bouillon Castle

Kasteelbouillon4 Kasteelbouillon1 Kasteelbouillon6 Kasteelbouillon2 Kasteelbouillon3 Kasteelbouillon5

Bouillon Castle is a magnificent building which dates back to the Middle Ages and which will transport you back to time of the knights. A visit is a great opportunity to experience what it was really like to live in a castle! Built right in the heart of the town of Bouillon, the castle boasts beautiful views of the town, the Semois river and the Semois Valley.


Houtopia is a recreational and educational centre which focuses on the 5 senses. It’s a wonderful place with plenty of things to discover: whatever the weather, it’s an ideal place for a family outing.

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